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Using a Git Workflow on This Site

I’ve been toying with a total and complete rework of this site for a little while, but to be honest I’m not sure what platform to pursue. Do I chose a new CMS? Do I go with Jekyll or some other static file variant? It’s difficult to decide–I know I’d like to learn a completely foreign and new skill set. For the time being, however, WordPress is my home. Fam.

My hope for this workflow–and it appears to bear out–is that I can rapidly design, develop, and deploy my updates and changes. I have been using Grunt for task automation for a while now–and that required a bit of command line knowledge–but I wasn’t initially using a git workflow. I mean, it’s just me, right? Well, I found that not using a git workflow made deployment much more difficult. What do I upload? What did I change? How do I undo this change?

Code Contrololol

I’ve really just begun to do personally what I do professionally–it just makes sense to introduce efficiencies into my personal workflow when I’m so used to working this way–and I’m not really sure why it took so long.

I’ve setup a Bitbucket repo and maintain a feature branch workflow while doing development work locally with a MAMP install. I’m not currently tracking my entire WP install, only my theme, but I do my best to keep the environments similar to one another. I completely skip a staging environment for this site–I feel like it’s overkill–so it’s not a duplication of what I might do in a more important (client) setting.

I don’t really have the money for a commit-to-deploy sort of environment, so I deploy using GitFTP-Deploy to deploy changes from my ‘master’ branch.

I am still using Node/Grunt for task automation…in spite of how quickly devs seem to have moved beyond it, but whatever.


  • This is a bit experimental on my personal work, but something I use in my day-to-day client work
  • Typically we’ll track the entire site, WP install, plugins, etc.
  • I am introducing this process into my freelance work as well…git repo and all
  • For now I’m working on a minor redesign/refresh and I’ll be doing that in real time

Exciting times.


All materials have a grain, whether wood or pixels, and that grain suggests the best way to work. Go with the grain and one will find sturdiness combined with tremendous flexibility—a natural and exciting give that grounds decisions and excites with possibilities. Work against the grain and the work becomes precarious, difficult, and fragile. Instead of the elegant bending that software requires to adjust to different screens, uses, and situations, the work breaks because it can not adapt.

Frank Chimero